Satisfied Clients

Video Production Reel

Memorial video about those lost from covid (Camera, Editing)

COVID Tester Video (Camera, Editing)

CEO Interview (Camera, Editing)

Tesla Promo Video (Camera, Editing)

Chiaher textiles company promo (Concept, Storyboard, Director)

Phihong, the electronic adapter company promo (Director, Camera)

Vertical Garden  News Documentary (Planning, Shooting, Editing)

Konno Akira Kickboxer Promotion (Planning, Shooting, Editing)

Squash Promo (camera, editing, effects)

RC Home Improvement, short form (camera, editing, effects)

One Championship (camera, lighting)

Robots in Japanese Nursing Home (Planning, Shooting, Editing)

United Nations (camera, editing, motion graphics)

Bazzi Magician Promotion (Planning, Shooting, Editing)

SUP Promotion Video (Planning, Shooting, Editing)

Net Cafe Promo (camera, lighting, editing)

Big Japan Pro Wrestling Promotion (camera, editing)

Better Days MV (camera, concept, editing)

Recycling SNS video (camera, editing)

Tesla Car Promo (camera, coloring)

Day in the life of the famous finger puppet master Tsuyuki

Tokyo Compression (camera, concept, editing)